Tropical Paradise.

Looking to create a multi-million dollar home on a million dollar budget? This stunning home has been design in partnership with Diamond Construction on a 9m wide lot! You don't need all the space in the world to create something worth coming home too. 

Tropical: Our client loved to explore tropical countries and wanted to come home to a tropical paradise. 

 Poolside Living: From the ground floor, the floor is the feature. With stunning views from the living room and tropical vibes in the master bedroom + feature study.

 Kids Paradise: With two kids running around the house all day, the client wanted the house to be able to entertain them no matter what age. The entrance features a double storey void with suspended hammock above on the first floor. The upstairs sitting room doubles are a games room with all the kids rooms on the first floor. 

 STATUS: Currently in design development

 ETC: 2022

Designed by: David Tomic (Registered Architect)