Concrete Luxury

Imagine if you could have a brand new home, fully completed in under a few months! What an amazing feat that would be. Well, our partnership with Diamond Construction is making dreams like that possible. With impressive statistics like full turn key in four months on single storey dwellings.  What about double storey? Well, let's take a look at one of our latest developments with Joe and the team at Diamond.

What is pre-cast? Pre-cast concrete in manufactured off site, usually in a speciality workshop, where they pour concrete directly onto form-work; once the concrete is set, the panels are lifted and ready for transport.

Why Pre-cast: Unlike traditional builds, when pre-cast panels are delivered to site they're ready to install and can create the concrete skeleton within hours not weeks.

Winter is coming: How often do you use your balcony during winter? Never, right? Well, when we introduce operable louvers into the design we make balconies truly useable all year round.

Grand entrances: When you're spending millions of dollars on a home, the front entrance needs to make a statement. With penetrations in the precast slab above and surrounding gardening that transition indoors, we know how to make one!