One Home, Two Uses.

When you're not quiet ready to retire, but want to live in your dream home. This new build separated the home into multiple spaces and multiple buildings. The main residence plays home to the family living quarters, directly connected to the master bedroom and spare bedrooms. A offset guest house forms past of the spare residence and the home office. Finally the third building hides all the vehicles.

3 Bedroom + Guest House: Enough for the kids to visit whenever they want, plus a pirvate little escape in their own backyard.

 3 Bathroom: Ensuite and Main Bathroom, plus another bathroom in the guest house for busy nights or the occasional Airbnb Guest.  

Indoor/Outdoor Connection: Overlooking the water, this client wanted to seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor, to be able to see the water even from the front of the house and to frame it as much as possible. 

 STATUS: Completed.

Designed by: Robert Forgione (Building Designer)

© Images courtesy of David Tomic