Modern Heritage.

Councils restrict many areas to ensure the heritage ambiance is kept consistent throughout the street. But what happens when you want your individuality, your space and your only style? It’s important to know that most council guidelines can be pushed to their limits in order to create exactly what you need. That was the case for this young family. With a young baby and plans for another, their home began to feel a little small and outdated. So, it was time to spice things up a bit.

 Museum Extension: Inside what appears as a secret door from the front of the house, holds a family heirloom. A classic Mercedes-Benz can be seen from every angle of the new extension but hidden from the street. 

 Master Bedroom: With the kids growing up faster than we can imagine, the clients wanted their own separate space for themselves. With a private resort style bedroom at the rear of the house, overlook the backyard landscape design our clients could now feel like they were on holidays even in their own home. 

 Lemon Heritage: A 150+ year old lemon tree sits in the middle of the backyard, a story the clients love telling. It would be a shame to remove but a unique point of difference to design around; and that’s exactly what we did. 

 STATUS: Out for Tender

Designed by: Robert Forgione (Building Designer)