Inspirational Beach House.

When the client asks us to design a modern beach house, we ensure it is the best beach house on the street! Believe it or not, this is two villas amalgamated onto on block in a unique way. Instead of making two villas on one site and ruining the potential for a beautiful beach house design, we opted for a minimalistic style of Japanese Architecture crossed with ultra-modern landscape design.

2 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms per villa: Requested by the client to be used as an Airbnb beach-side business, the statistics of Airbnb requirements lead us to design a 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom villa.

 Winter Balconies: Our client wanted the property to be in high demand during both winter and summer. The only way to make a balcony useable in winter is to enclose it whilst still providing vistas to the beach. 

 Carport only: In order to meet council restrictions and make this a profitable development as well as a beautiful beach home, a traditional garage was excluded from the development in favour of a tandem double carport with additional visitors parking on the side. 

 STATUS: Design Development/Council Approval

Designed by: David Tomic (Project Architect)