The House on the Hill.

"The house on the hill" as it was uniquely known during construction by all the local residence. This stunning forever home is now an icon part of regional Western Australia and overlooks one of the most stunning beaches in the world. Designed on an extremely steep site, this unique home provided an opportunity to live, work and play.

 4 Bedroom + Study: The clients children are all grown up and its now just the two of them and their beautiful dog. They didn't want too many empty bedrooms to clean all year round, but still wanted enough to host the family.

3.5 Bathroom: 3 levels means at least 3 bathrooms. With one toilet on every level and a bathroom near every bedroom, you'll never be far from a bathroom.

 3 Stories: A 3 story forever home can become problematic in your older years, thats why we designed the central staircase around a lift. The clients now say it is the best decision they made on the house. Nobody wants to carry shopping from the ground floor to the top floor kitchen. 

 Fully Timber Framed: One of the most impressive aspects of this home is the simple fact everything is timber frame. 

 STATUS: Completed by BD Partington Building Contractors.

Designed by: Robert Forgione (Building Designer)

© Images courtesy of David Tomic