Hempcrete Holiday.

What if someone in Western Australia was employed by the Government to find new uses for marijuana; new ways to heal, new ways to create. What would the outcome be? A dedicated nature reserve for wildlife, farming and health and wellness. Our client originally engaged us to help finish off the design for the main health and wellness center which will be a globally renowned facility. After working with us for over a year they decided to engage us to design 50+ chalets that would be spread across the park; built entirely out of hempcrete.

Open Plan Villas: By understanding that the clients target market was predominately couples or young families, our prototype for this unique facility was an open plan 1 bedroom villa for couples with adjoining walls to create a mini home for young families.

 Water loving: As a health and wellness center, this stunning resort will also double as one of the largest marron farms in Western Australia. Building over the water and into the marron farms bring people into the landscape and as close to nature as possible.

 Hempcrete + Timber: Hempcrete is a unique building material, resulting in a finished product similar to precast concrete. It became only natural that hempcrete and timber partner up in this beautiful creation. 

 STATUS: Currently under construction by owner builder.

 ETC: 2022

Designed by: David Tomic (Registered Architect)