Who is Roberto Forgione?

Robert Forgione.jpg

Rob has had a passion for design and architecture ever since he was a child. His imagination would always run free, drawing for days on end and creating masterpieces. Over the years Rob continued to master his skills and eventually went on to complete a Diploma in Architectural Design.


Rob's career began in Perth, Western Australia, where he worked under numerous Architectural firms and learnt from like-minded people. After a decade in practice working for other people, Rob required a new challenge and decided to move back to Albany, Western Australia; to start Concept Building Design in 1996.


The success in Albany resulted in continued recognition across the state, with Perth opportunities continuing to make themselves present. In 2008, Rob decided it was time to take the business to the next level and open the Perth office and continue to build the Concept Building Design legacy.

With almost 25 years' experience running Concept Building Design, Rob has designed everything you could imagine, from granny flats to high-rise skyscrapers. He always welcomes the opportunity to design something new and innovative. Rob's design and construction knowledge is unprecedented, no matter what problems may arise during a build, Rob will have the knowledge and knowhow to solve any problem on the spot. 

Now, Rob focuses his time on clients, design and the future of Concept Building Design.