Black and White, Forever.

When you're ready to build a forever home, many factors come into play. The location, the architectural style, the layout, and much more. For our client, this forever home was to be perfect for their needs. 

 One Storey, split home: As a retired couple, our clients no longer wished to walk up and down stairs, nor did they want to build a two storey home on a block without views. This one storey home was then required to be used as two homes at once. By splitting the master bedroom and main living quarters from the spare bedrooms and bathrooms, we were able to provide our clients with a home they could enjoy year round alone, or with family and friends staying over. 

 Black and White: As tends come and go, minimalistic architecture is forever. An elegant black and white design will ensure this forever home remains forever popular.

 STATUS: Currently in construction by Greg Leeder Homes

 ETC: January 2021.

Designed by: Robert Forgione (Building Designer)