What we offer you


  • Presentation drawings
  • Drafting and Working drawings
  • Design Development
  • 3D Technology
  • Product Specification and Documentation
  • Energy Efficiency Compliance
  • Contract Administration/Project Management
  • Interior Design


  • Obligation free initial consultation to discuss your ideas.
  • Prepare sketch plans based on your brief, budget and site considerations. These can be adjusted and finer details added following further consultation with you.
  • From sketch plans prepare more detailed preliminary plans with photo realistic 3D perspectives and animated “walk throughs”.
  • Liaise with Interior designers, Engineers, Surveyors and other consultants.
  • Obtain all relevant council approvals. Prepare detailed working drawings and specifications for builders.
  • Tender plans to builders to obtain the best value quote.
  • Assess all tender documents and prices.
  • Undertake contract administration and progressive site inspections.
  • Owner – Builder liaison.
  • Final signoff and handover.
  • Commitment to be here for you in the future.


  • Innovative designs and construction options.
  • Presentation drawings and perspectives.
  • Animated photo realistic presentations of proposed construction including fly overs and internal tours.
  • Engage consulting engineers and liaise as required.
  • Full architectural documentation as required by council.
  • Detailed architectural working drawings for builder use.
  • Accurate tendering of projects to selected builders.
  • Contract administration (Project Management) and site inspections.
  • Final Handover report.
  • Commitment to be here for you in the future.

Feasibility Studies

  • Land Subdivision
  • Strata Developments
  • Renovate existing buildings
  • Low or High Density developments
  • Project research
  • Construction budget guides
  • Local authority requirements